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Bed Styles - Headboard Trends & Bed Ideas

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Did you know the average person spends between 30-35% of their life sleeping? With that much time spent in the bedroom it should be a high decorating priority. The design experts at Lamps Plus,, explain how.The focal point of the bedroom is usually the bed. These days"e; bed styles,, run the gamut, but traditional and contemporary styles remain the strongest. Beds have a headboard,...

8 Skincare Secrets My Mom Taught Me!

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SKINCARE SECRETS REVEALED...from my mama! Here are 8 Skincare Secrets My Mom Taught Me! If you want to know the skincare tips my mom taught me from an early age, watch this video! I have to thank my mom for teaching me how to take care of my skin at an early age, to her, skincare was just as important as makeup (if not, even more!). Be sure to THUMBS UP this video if you found it helpful and SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL so we can hang out every week! SHARE THE VIDEO if you know someone who would find it...

How to make a cat gift box

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Check out to see our products, more ideas and inspiration! In this video, Lawn Fawn Design Team member Yainea, shows us how to make cute cat gift boxes with our Pillow Box and Peek-a-bat dies!——— S U P P L I E S ———• Pillow Box Lawn Cuts die ——• Peek-a-Bat Lawn Cuts dies ——• Heart Stackables Lawn Cuts dies ——• Put a Bow on It Lawn Cuts dies ——...

HOW TO GET LONG HEALTHY HAIR NATURALLY! (updated haircare routine)

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OPEN ME! :D Hi guys! In this video I am going to show you how to grow long/healthy hair naturally! Enjoy!FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: @holistichabits MY STILNEST COLLABORATION: WEBSITE + SHOP CRYSTALS/ JEWELLERYwww.holistichabits.com_________________________________MY TOP CARE PRODUCTS AND OILS:CALIA PURIFYING SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER: WOODEN BRUSHES:...

Lower High Blood Pressure Quickly | Cure Hypertension Naturally

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Learning how to lower blood pressure quickly and naturally comes very handy, especially in times when medicines are hardly accessible.